Initiated by Kurma and co-founded by Bausinger and Greenyogashop, the ContinuOM Collective aims to reduce the environmental impact of yoga by exploring sustainable reuse and recycling options for yoga-related waste streams in general, and yoga mats in particular.

The ContinuOM Collective shares the vision of a circular yoga economy where every product is designed for multiple cycles of use, and where used or unwanted goods are not seen as waste, but as valuable raw material to be reused in another or even in their own production cycle.



“As a yoga manufacturer run by yoga teachers, it is our vision to make the world around us more lovable, livable, healthy, fair and sustainable. Therefore, as an EcoGood certified company, we are proud to be a founding member of ContinuOM Collective. We ask all yoga teachers, studios and practitioners to join in our efforts to protect the world around us.”

Jürgen Laske – Bausinger

Kurma - Bruno De Muynck

“Rooted in the spirit of yoga, Kurma’s vision is to guide the yoga community towards a sustainable life and future. We initiated the ContinuOM Collective to establish a network helping us close the loop on mats manufacturing. Our goal is to make and sell products that are 100% circular. To achieve this, we need the active participation of the yoga community.”

Bruno De Muynck – Kurma

Green Yoga Shop

“As an online retailer for green yoga lifestyle, it is essential to find the balance between consumption and the ethical, social and ecological values we are committed to. By founding the ContinuOM Collective with strong partners, we have established a platform that enables us to contribute to a better yoga world, where resources are valued and not wasted.”

Marten Peyser – greenyogashop